It’s no easy feat
People always talk about it
Being happy
Truly happy
No easy feat
A lot of people smile through gritted teeth
They see friends make it to the ‘top’
Watch in wonder at how they do it
And hope, pray for some of the same for themselves
So what on earth constitutes happiness
A beautiful girl/boy on your arm will always help
Waking up in the morning without the fear nestled all too comfortably on your shoulder making you yelp
That helps too
So maybe it all depends on the person
Those who don’t want too much might be getting it right
They don’t open their mind up to the very possible onslaught of fright
Some are happy to smoke a cigarette while tasting a new coffee
The odder types get something of a buzz from something as simple as taking a pee
I don’t know
Maybe that’s just me
Drinking beer helps
Of course
Loosens your inhibitions
Let’s that creative streak flow
But isn’t that the danger once more
Opening yourself up to a world of possible emptiness
When really you might be quite happy being an average Joe
As I said
I really don’t know
I guess I’m happy right now
The sun is shining
A rare treat in Ireland
I have a friend calling over
Going to stay sober
Save some money
Get myself and my laptop back up to Dublin
Where I can give things another shot
First time round it went to pot
Owed to an illness
But less about that
I’m in a safe place free from regret
Take happiness from seeing others smile
It might not seem like much
But stick at it and that advice will take you for miles
So smile my friend
Don’t feel the utter need to follow some kind of trend
When someone says that your unique it means that they like you
Even if you find yourself questioning it because they’ve knocked back quite a few
Someone says that you never followed the crowd
It’s a good thing
I read something recently
And I’ll leave off on this
Don’t try and stand out from the crowd
Be the crowd