– born to be balanced –

You will write amidst it all, this imbalance of unfairly antagonistic mental disorder. You know the trapdoor is a place wherein most people’s minds don’t even have the (in)ability…

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– Boxing Beyond That Sense Of Survival –

They’ve dutifully taken their minds off to that other place of prioritised disguise.

Theme has it that they’ve even ended up only ever sparring against themselves again. They’ve EVEN opened-up…

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– Is This An ARTFORM? –

They’ve been setting themselves up for a most fantastic and fabricated fall to earth yet again / these people, peripheral as they may well get to be, have nothing…

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– her open-eyed industry –

This has been an absolute masterpiece of unequalled and unequivocal concentration- it’s been a thing of course-and-cause and padlocked recreation, actually —

What she has done to a-c-h-i-e-v-e this sense…

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-This Need To Lose Their MinD$-

If they understood her mind then they do not even start to understand anything else which she insists upon persisting with – her emotional time has been taken away…

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– Stiflingly Kind People –

Stifled by kindness. These people seem to wish to want to talk about nothing else but for…
everybody ELSE. These homespun, utterly lopsided people of supremely talented intelligence. Any why?!…

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– Bobbing for Apples –

They have even opened-up their nearly-never bones AGAIN and officiALLy asked for the basking of blood and lair-of-LUST, actually: and ALL other night-and-day things

Silence speaks

— Yet, they are NO…

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