Playtime of Mind

they are actually unceremoniously prestigious and a little more than utterly — ego ridden. We do kinda think about them when our own thoughts tUrN towards utter

Ceremony. If it…

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Honestly there is a depth to the tragedy of OCD that no movie can ever match for utter replication. The Aviator tries. Falls short. Heck, anyone would fall short….

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Secretive Somebodies Someday Soon

If they tried to be delicate then they might just die an utter Dostoyevskian

It’s paralysing for them and it’s part-paralysing for us; they are into all the sorts of…

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(Her) Professional Dreams

•When Her A-I-M At Being Beautifully NONdescript Made Utter Sense Of Itself, FINally.

There is a softness to their uncontrolled SeNse of Self: this… felt feeling of having become… “suddenly…

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Nunchucks Beware

They were worryingly intent upon attending these sudden events with their minds in a mess and their perks of Personality still set in stone cast bewilder. It’s easily forgettable…

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“Good Grief, She’s An Imbecile.”

Where we were meant to be going was found out to’ve been an utter waste of their timeless time actually. “It’s a really nice area these days about there…


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