‘South of SINgular’

They’ve endlessly expressed medicated bewilder and went anyway with their wits stripped to the end of endlessly expressive tendencies. She’s trying at bribing to bring the airplane inside of…

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“Her Digitised Smile”

When we went and did everything with our mollycoddled misbehaving’s and understood the way she talks in Musical Endnotes anyway(??!) She saw quicksilver inside his back to front eyes…

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‘Her Scrutinised Insides’

They’ve grown into a shape of person named utter garbage actually and she’s mildly interested in making MemOriEs Of Herself count. It’s an amount of utter upside down and…

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“Their Girl in Gold”

Presumably they’ve sank enough shots of wildly AMBITIOUS beleaguer to send ordinary minds into delightful little mindful BinDs. They’ve shot the seeds of themselves enough times now to


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‘Fly, BIRD… FLY!!!’

They’ve probably both possibly gotten violent and violated inside of their classified minds. They’ve settled down their unsettled selves yet again and _ thought of the ABOUTS of everybody…

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I do honestly wonder how the fuck I didn’t lose my mind, still haven’t, with the OCD. You really cannot make it up, what this imbalance does to a…

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