Understanding the need for Speed

Paraphrased for the sake of purchasing a piece of properly Paradise, thriving amidst it all takes… nothing much else actually. These

Commonplace people with minds for subtle and Suitable Ammunition…

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The Penalty Shootout inside of their mInDs

When they f*** with happiness they f**k with the daftest state of hindsightHILARITY. And whenever they shoulder the blameless bLaMe actually

That’s precisely how we got ourselves mentioned without being…

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Abandoned tRaGedIeS.

They did this all with their either~or WiTs split – these bright as an, ahem, Upside~DowN~button people making themselves believe in something: singular and secondary and CERTAINLY t-h-a-t tertiary…

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~ Nearer to the Agreeable Distribution of People.

We take our best steps when the world isn’t evenReadilyAvailable:: that thesis of tryhard+THING that we do is so very whip-smartAndAdvantageous. MustWeReally neglect toMention the people

“Who —->> have nurtured…

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Interviewing the Devil’s BestFriend

They’ve done it all now.they’ve evened themselves out and taken the step farther than far actually; they’ve broken with all of the other peoples and ultimately sided with their…

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The theory of taking it all away

We embarked UPon immediacy and utterly magnificent fast forward digestion. Of all these

Minimalist things, indeed . It’s harsh on her to’ve been broken down amidst her FLIGHT of fancy……

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“Impossible to WhO(?!?)”

She’s been keeping an eye on it now, and she drifted and left her death alone and for a whole long while –

Her shy little resting smile seemed to…

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