‘Striking A Chord And Smiling Anyway’

They were sipping on mother effing cups of disposable delirium when we entered in at the side of epical uncertainty…

Inside their hardwired mind. We were nothing if not utterly…

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Explaining it

Standing and living with chronic OCD is basically like trying to live with everything inside of your brain telling you that everything is going wrong- “now, fix it.” That’s…

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“And With Fresh Talent We Will Not Relent”

They were repeating a level of utter respect unwarranted and asking their many-of-mind how to

Paraphrase just such an eye-opening proposition. They’re addled and adding their minds to the aforesaid…

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‘1st Step To The Very Next’

When we worried hurriedly about the walking talking masterpieces even if we didn’t even know where those wired things came from in the 1st plACE = it’s utterly indulgence-seeking…

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‘Pedestrianised Poltergeists’

Emblematic people of purely press Pedantic Enterprise – they seemed to shadow the utter shoulder of blame for these utter

Other people: “Piedmont, perhaps, and the THIS/THAT persuasion ALWAYS delayed…

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