-Go As You Please, Dearest.

They’ve taped her mouth softly shut again and she seems to be: this sporadically spontaneous girl with eyeballs for bullets and bleeding bones for homegrown entitlements

She isn’t even meant…

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-She Sings From An Entirely Separate Hymn Sheet.

She laid down her insurmountable sounds now and decided to transform something into ANYTHING, actually. She’s been.. high-minded AND -wIrEd to aforementioned SOMETHING fair SpecTacUlAr again; and they DO….

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Mouthpieces And Imaginations.

Theory does have it that there’s this ‘sweet‘ little procrastinating run-of-rumination —
And it seeks to feel: deceptively effedUP and on UTTERLY purpose. To pose a most manky-handed and upside

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Daft Little Butterflies. Be Damned?!

They’ve been thinking times a thousand thunderbolts of red blooded technique- have very nearly even reminded themselves TIMES-TEN(!) Exactly how(?!) to a-c-t advantageously amidst this, the bestowed best of…

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-A Confident AND CONfidential Conundrum.

They will play these games and distantly dissolve themselves as they did before—. It all came to a terrifically pain-free standstill; it’s been… so very much a good and…

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