Hahahahaha hilarious

There’s this thing about it all being about the anticipation of things. There’s another thing about the thing which begins to think it’s a thing.. and then, well; we…

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Gathered Gatherings.

There’s the bond between break.. and even. It’s a thing of suddenly portrayed persistencies. And they are asking us not to RidiculeThem AnyMore, than they DO we..

Have anticipated damn…

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The Haunted Clock Tick-Tock(!!!)

They’ve even taken time-to-be their number1-enemy. They have VERY-MUCH-SO thought about the e-n-t-i-r-e thing times MULTIPLIED by Their—-

“My, Oh MY(!) Minds(!!!)”

WHEN they strenuously became – stereoPHYSICALLY mutilated YET again….

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Getting a move on

You’re hoping it eventually can kinda create itself. By that, I mean that the scribbles take on a whole other… secondary meaning. And by that, I mean that they…

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