“Our Widespread Opprobrium… Probably”

They’ve tidied themselves up again and asked for livid-seething (people’s) opinions, plEASE. We’ve had eleven people sitting in the exact same SUITABLY SUGGESTIVE situation and believing in their state…

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I am doing literally everything in my power to be ok with the OCD. It’s an imbalance and I know that. I know that that is the only thing…

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‘What It Takes’

I guess, with a mental-illness as complex and perplexing for the sufferer as OCD, what you need to do is to do what you know you’re supposed to do…

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‘Spirits Direct’

She’s into the upside-down iconic things which no-one else sees. She’s INDEED a sea of overbearing tears and readily prepared to

Sink inside of her very own bottle…

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