He smiled, offered his hand, ordered her a drink
A mighty fine clink before they wined and dined ’til what felt like the end of time
Sublime, just what she’d been waiting for all of her life, a man oh so true to the core, wouldn’t mess her about before coming back for more
From that first date it went smoother than smooth, her friends on meeting this Romeo, felt he had a good attitude
Nothing wrong with wanting to buy his lady a bunch of pretty petunias, sometimes he even as much as left some at the front door for her elderly mother
Became best pals with her older brother
All was good, but she couldn’t help but wait for something to go wrong
That’s the problem right there, we focus so much on the possibility of disaster that when it occurs we believe that we are in a world of trouble, things feel like failure
But isn’t that really just nothing other than absurd, for a nation that will happily tell each other not to worry, not to fret, why can’t we embrace this so-called disaster
Not wander about the place aimlessly with heaps of this cliche regret
Don’t get it, don’t get why we’re always looking over our shoulder, anticipating an onslaught from some or other kind of boulder
A mental boulder perhaps
That couple, they’re happily married with three children… or are they?
Who knows