Your wails they capture me whole – outright dis-invigorating disgusting

And I just will not cease to release myself unto your negative mannerisms anymore

Seems you’ve fallen far too far and, way they see mightily unfit behind closed and secured hospital doors, this is you, not Me…

Where we completely separate bastardly fact from savoured fiction, place ourselves half-heartedly apart all over again…

Just Not Ready To Witness/Watch another lonesome, detrimentally broken soul, thirst for my unrequited love

Push to shove and I will fall away, crying-shame prioritised by all of my life – the future looks oh so damn spectacular and pretty, not quite as pretty you though…

When they cannot quite catch their very own inter-mangled star… lost you at the goodbye-sign soon as we entered our hell on earth

Safe to say, I’m so sorry
Please feel ‘free’ to let me know whenever, wherever, your disenfranchised mind takes the time to align like batshit crazy again, my kind

Because, rest hospital bed re-assured, you are amazing

Either way, just not for my eyes anymore
But what we did between these breathe-deep sheets was unforgettable, ‘cept for the outlandishly irrational wails of walled disapproval, shrunken people pale in significance beneath our quivering feet

So you do know, I knew every way out

The exceptional exception to all of the rules – the coop flew me