People say that I write too much
But I don’t think as such
I love it
That’s the bottom line
Simply put
My name is Brian and I like to rhyme
Just seems to bring something on out of me
Let me see…
My imagination seems to always be searching for something special
The perfect poem that sets my writing apart from the rest
In offering up the kind of line that cannot but impress
A man took me aside one time
With his finger pressed against one of my lines
He tried to suggest I use Iambic Pentameter
I didn’t know what that was
No rules
I told him
And this made him think
Then he winked
“You’re winging it”
He said
I don’t care if I am or not
It’s simply me, my pen and the taste within
Attempting as best we can to give it a shot
Can’t say fairer than that
He thought