I didn’t know what to do so as to transcend the boundaries
So I went and did something a little different
Too different, in fact
Wrong too
I stole my best friend’s favourite poem
The one that helped win him a literary prize
I’m sorry
But the moment I found it
The words, his perfect punctuation
It lit up my eyes
You see
I’d written all I could write
And suddenly, needing a way out
I grabbed it
A poem that could go about making my particular judge shout
I know it’s wrong
Oh so wrong
I also know if he ever found out he’d be right to set me up for a fall
Really, it’s all I deserve
But ‘til that day comes
And maybe it won’t
I’ll get going on my computer
Enter in the poetry competitions E-mail
And serve up my offering
Here’s the real problem
What if I win
Will I finally be found out?
Something of a backhanded compliment that has me paying for my sins