We figured so much
That everything was, in fact, A-OK
‘Til he nestled himself on up alongside of me and dropped a helmet
It falls into his quivering hands before treacles of blood course on up, start to pour every which way
The bullet had done its job, not all of the way through but just enough to startle each and every last particle
Freeze it right into a resoundingly mouth-watering degree of disdain
A harrowing kind of rain altogether managing to find, sound, us out this particular time
Then, suddenly, my brother’s eyes begin to shape-shift, drift into oblivion
Hard as it is, we made our very own decision
Curse that Iraqi soldier and their utterly detrimental precision
A fatality happening right inside of my thirsty hands
Clearing these Middle East sands on out of his eyes, I prise it all closed
Before lending a brand new round to my gun I stand up
Take aim…
Rain on down
Between the nose and the lip, I strip our nemesis entirely of his very own return on home
Seems we both earned something and nothing all at once
I unbutton his chest pocket and empty a few too many telling photographs on into my own
So that I one day get to show his only daughter who cries right now inside of her, her mother’s, lonesome home