A guitar and a mellow voice, simple as that
Then there was his rather flirtatious hat, there for all of the locals soon-to-be-whole-wide-world-to-see
Hardly the most handsome man out there but who truly cares
With words like these it all just seems to make a little or a lot more sense
Ten cents thrown inside of his other hat – bowler top, an utter overindulgence
Perchance, next a music producer manages to catch oh so fantastic wind
Reddened wine in hand, this is exactly what he said: “He seems to leave an altogether sumptuous din up inside of my… precariously over-analytical head.”
Toying with his every emotion, together, one year aside another they set absolute fire to the oceans of doubt which somehow managed to sound out an entire decade of musical promise
A war with words
Finally silenced…