You’re still here
I just know it
Memories often disguise my very real and heartbreaking demise
I fell oh so goddamn far, lost touch
Never quite knowing where you really are
Floored albeit waiting to be varnished all over again
Shined and brand new like a pretty penny
Sometimes we need to be disturbed
No point in remaining forever perturbed
I do dream of you and I
Ninety degree bellyaches, joyously shaking for all of the world to see
Dry my blood-stained eyes right out
We need to remove the harpoon ripping clean through it
Soon, please God
I plod along, hellbent on making precious strides
Dreams of slip-sliding on into a most lavish and memorable life
Styled together, measuring one another’s monstrosities
Tee it on up
Usurp the beautiful creatures that lie dormant beneath
Take my arm, my hand, and pull me to my feet