The person sitting in the front row knows no true bounds and they will stop at absolutely nothing whatsoever to portray their utter purpose to the cause – something otherworldly beneficial needs to happen and they have, rest-reassured, been tracking it all by the hand of a most gilded God

Concentration aside undeniable upheaval, the all of everything steal and we sure as hell see it all, course we do, because he’s been going against every grain imaginable and the snare of a most perfectly astute and giving life has to be the calling-card supreme

This life shall indeed bombard you – time-a-ferocious-time-again, and when the purpose becomes detrimentally fixated by outright overdrive and insomnia alone, what do you do… but continue on either way forth shall have it

There are no rules with this particularly, peculiarly, misshapenly stood game and we can own it, every next bit – one single most unavoidable step per prepped time

These smiles are simply deafening to witness awhile, and he takes her guiding hand and waves goodbye to the past day’s spontaneous combustion and climbs aboard another rung of ladder on the stairway to heaven… on earth

Even if it is about to implode right round him – imperfect perfection, a beautiful disaster waiting to happening and that is exactly what he asked for

He was born otherworldly, just how it is