A falsified sense of understanding, of complete and outright painstaking precision – pitted with their wits and pitied for their quarrelsome misadventure

Amidst this colossal mountain peak decorated with unspeakable levels of strain, all-weather – all-rain and twisted scatter-crashed amidst

This distanced and disheveled tumult of terrain time again

A pair of tremendous people – snowed-in and violently perturbed and to a contractual point of sacrificial slaughter of both body and mind
Mentally malnourished yet existing: further afield and st-ill battling harder than hell on Earth – hurting souls whilst courageously … sloped ’til roped further on up-a-yonder …

And nearly-on-over, matter-of-fact suddenly and simultaneously shaken ’til broken… to the frozen bones of their brutalized, screaming beings

By non-correspondent way of this fractious masterpiece.. of E-v-i-l, appears it will wait for no-one anymore .

They’ve been scramming-both-scamming for beautiful bubbles of oxygen to finally survive and f-e-e-l something !

“Any thing, pl-EASE”