You’re always there, at the forefront of my mind
If there is, in fact, a way that I can get to meet you then I’ll manage it, that particular way I will most definitely find
May have met you a million times before, just too sober, or perhaps too drunk to speak up, say that little bit more ’til we were able to find ourselves standing outside the front door of some club, some pub, whichever works, talking tongue in cheek
I do indeed believe that you are out there waiting for me, listening to everything going on about the place, your beautiful mind running at mesmerising pace when it comes to the matter of trying to sum up how it is ours, a mammoth relationship, might work
We’ll have our fights, of course we will, a few too many spills here and there
But in the end our happiness will all depend on one thing, upon just how strong we come out the other side
I won’t hide, that’s for sure
I’ll apologise, say what will most certainly need to be said, my words that come from me to you nothing but remarkably pure