They’ve been intently listening to your words and cannot help themselves to divulge a little take a helluva lot – rooted by the truthful spot

We are standing right here toying with our every next make-believe dream via your undeniable ability to set these lines to wandering and meandered seed

Feed our follower minds please and make it all make unbelievable sense again

Tease the adequacy we do indeed possess, impressions were made to be criticised and forever yours have opened wide ten thousand unasked for eyes

Finally someone to meet us oh so kindly – and you are doing all of aforementioned this whilst researching the life right through us all

We won’t tell anyone else that your words were built from utter paradoxical destruction, when it took a tremendous degree of foresight and undeniable armoury

To choke us whole in a most unforgettable way
I wanna be near you to simply see why, how and outlandishly where these investigated tragedies go to transform themselves, to rolling stone gathered moss til losing their unappealing appeal

Building bridges with your positive reawakened reawareness – it’s coming and you saw it all along

There’s strong, and then there is… unabridged this

Motherfucking cease to release energy

I’ll burn for
You’ll shine for
Wait and see…

The apple of ten thousand eyes amounting to most things

Hi, I’m Eve… and I’ve been uprooting everything just to meet you