His tears poured, an unnatural amount
Crowds swarming all round
We wondered why he was crying
What it was had hurt him so very much
His hair was drowned, eyes as red as an ocean of blood
If we could see his heart all we’d have been able to see was a freeze going on inside
Oh how opposites can attract in a most awful fashion
He tried to come together but it was of no use, a pool beneath his feet, quite literally
Something we’d never, ever seen before
It’s my son… I… he’s dying!”
I stepped a little forward, handed him a cigarette
“I don’t… usually… but OKAY.”
He lit my gift and sat with me, trying as he might to dab away the stains the ocean had left for an eternity it now seemed
I listened
Nothing and everything all at once
Breathing like he had just been told to use it all up in an instance
If he could he would lend all of that hot air to his only son, I was fairly certain
“This cigarette, it’s nice. Thank you.”
I smiled small, relighting the tip, wondering what he was going to do
Money was no issue because he had none
Don’t you need something in the first place to turn it into an issue?
“I have money to send you to your son, if that is what you need. Is it?”
“I’m not worth much!”
He felt so lonely, so lost, so… heartbroken that my eyes soon began to match his ocean for all it’s horrendous worth
“You’re worth more to that little boy right now than anything in this world, my friend. Now, take my hand and come with me, let’s go to that hospital and do our very best to breath some like back into him, OKAY?”
He smiled a little, “OKAY, my good and new friend.”
He placed the cigarette on the pavement