“Yes!” She sacrificed her mind-boggle for the sake of fine and unpardonable-both-UNPUTDOWNABLE art- these newly refurbished words ‘til bountifully gathered, gRaSpEd AND brought right back…

to the centre of their Imaginative MInDs magnificent memory sometimes!

A Living, SEETHING storyline about e-v-e-r-y single little nuanced AND inescapably applicable subject which sits
Perched (rather abruptly)

Upon her literary menu To-Day/ Bedded-in and it is few, few… “PHEW!!” who could truly know j-u-s-t how far she took her very own aforeMENTIONED MinD
She toyed wit/h it ALL ‘til she… could… find…

AnotHER such way in that none other else can ever EVEN begin to BEG themselves to outlandishly imagine. Fabricated from FACT…not fiction!

“Watch her eyes, for they DO desire the Delicate Demise” –

A dream to write… “amidst an unsightly might to fight for this Beautiful life.”

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