Scribble what you do see, dear boy of mine
These silent people will find the time aside gloriously sentimental adulation – to seek your outright rhyme
To sit and to breathe a most knowing, altogether telling breath, cherish it all like reassuring wildfire
Of only treasured yours
To pour via nothing but pure unadulterated honesty – you do indeed seek this wicker road approval of beautiful theirs
To simply see, watch and to read at gladdened will
This pace is being seriously distilled within
Still here, peeling these tired eyes wider than behemothly individualised transatlantic skies – matched for ferociously set nature alone
Prone to supposing too much – the imperfect storm with failure to warm
No more disguising what’s oh so fucking right, touch our everything Say So Very Soon As When It Need Be
Up all of the a.m. to finally allow you
To steal away their every priorly instigated pain against a crying, debilitated Shame
Yes sir, the flame is finally taming itself to extinguish downright

-We see-
But do you?
And, soon, as you write, these frightened fecklessly restless people will bend and break and Smile at boisterous will again

Be In It To Win It just as you promised to remain