Why don’t you sit with me a minute
Let things happen at will
You can be as quiet as a mouse
Or if you’d prefer
You can let it all spill

I’m happy either way
My dear
‘Cos I’ve nothing to lose
Nothing to fear
Been to hell & back
Man-handled my monster
Taken his slack
& now I’m happy to say
I’m on the right track

To do the best that I can do
Any kind of plans go out the window
Open to everything & anything
From what I’ve heard
On your part I can look forward to a few cheeky innuendos

Your minutes up
You emotional pup!
What makes you think
I’m interested in hearing about you
In hearing what’s up?
I’ve drank too many mojitos to count
My favourite dress is ripped
I’m ill-equipped
To deal with all of the above
So do me a favour
Push off …

No innuendos there
‘Til I turned around
& got met with a fierce stare
A manicured middle finger pointed in the air
If you’re not careful
Next time
I’ll stick THIS in your end-o!
Oh hell
There it is again
That despair
I lost the girl before I got her
& what else did I do
I managed to give away my best friend’s chair