What if we went and did it ALL anyway? What if we went and wound-up the medicated minds until everybody else’s mind did not mean to matter… all that much, actually?

And what if we — read a-thousand-and-ten equally powerful encyclopaedias INSIDE OF OUR multiplied MINDS and make ourselves PEAK—at the point of utter

“Turmoil”? It’s like sitting inside of a rollercoaster with rhapsodically awry eMoTionS and with each and every “next” early AM’s insanity pending, as she Reconsiders the mEaNinGs inside of a lopsided mind. When they’ve tucked themselves in enough times to ARISE= “eagerEYED and meant to make

The best out of anyone else’s state of HEARTfelt fears.” We’ve been reimbursing ourselves LIKE SILLY with all of the tools to set our artistic hearts fightingly alight ENOUGH TIMES now –

For one whole world to work at wondering: “how the HOLY **** were we ever even meant to make sense of
A good and beautiful day: if there were also those pedestrianed people pilfering to pay For Their Deathly Delay?”