No need to think this one through
Go with the flow like never before
Setting fire to the third bar
On a par and far more, blow wide open those doors of acceptance
Enticing to the last
“I knew you way before you were famous!”
Mastering your particular style, finishing touches which tell a brand new story
A young daughter’s smile that made your day, so very worth it in the end…
Dependent upon the out and out acknowledgement, just the way it is
A rip-roaring craft for all intents and purposes
Majestically usurping all and sundry
One town at a time
A poem here, a poem there, unmatched flair going on up inside, perhaps?
Safe to say, you were always willing to ride the wave of a lifetime, some good, some oh so bad
Many leaving you tossed the wrong way round, pile-driven into the ground
Basking for breath
Learning from your each and every single mistake
Shake away those doubts
Takes a whole lotta backbone
Reel it right in, bring it on home
They came, they sat, they read and regaled
Time and time again, goddamnit!
An ink heart that sets you apart
Saber-tooth critics who placed their hands in the air, wryly admitting even in the beginning to being wholly snared
To your every word grasping their heart, managing to twist it, turn it
Envelope it perfectly, an author earning his stripes entirely
Place yourself on a whole other level and you can fall oh so far but still end up on a par, pegging it with mere mortals
It was the God-given thirst in the first place which set the seed, created an all too necessary backstory
Hope and glory multiplied by ten
But be sure to take heed
Curse this pen, filled with enviable ink that swims inside, searching for some way out, thinking its way in and around, outside of the lines
Pitted aside a gloriously overactive motormouth