Most definitely an important thing to do, the next step perhaps, an interview with the widely-acclaimed ‘Opinion’
A magazine which hopefully does the trick in making you and yours think, feel the outright need to read my stuff
If you don’t like the first in a long line of poems then all I really have to say is this, tough, go at it again, I can guarantee you this, the ink in this pen ain’t going to waste
You might like to read on, go against slating it, ’til such time as you end up on the same page as me, even if that means treating my rhyme like a song of sorts, whatever works
Gain a little of what I have to offer, a colourful thirst, it most definitely what is needed at first
That’s just it, I’m in this for the long haul, prepared to give this thing one helluva shot when it comes to the matter of enticing you all
That means impressing the editor of the aforementioned magazine, a writer who, please God, has a quick-wit about them which works wonders for me, a written word that adds a little or a whole lot more sheen to the piece
Each to their own, of course
What will be will be, in the end it the poetry that will need to appeal to the masses, show this quirky endeavour I attempt to do to be oh so very pure
Do me just this one favour, try your best to read a few, an overactive imagination running away for a while, letting yourself smile while eager eyes bounce about the place, from one page to another
Poems in there about this and that, a manically depressed mother, a well-respected father who defeated the nastiest case of cancer
You, Sir, you made it, side-stepping all of that pain, and now everything that you have reaped, gained ends up inside the makeshift pages of this wayward writer’s all too personalised take on a particularly difficult time in your life
Bring on the interview, I’m willing to write, write some more, ’til mine is a verse that cannot but land itself at your front door