It is hard to understand and even so much as comprehend the level of painstaking hours put in to creating something which will hopefully, over time, gather the plaudits and eagle-eyed witnesses it might just deserve. Not for the artist, per say, but rather in fact for the audience – even those audience members who want to eat it all up. Take it all in. Of course there will be an audience out there for most artists, this cannot but be a true thing, indeed. Even that recent piece of questionable art of a banana taped to a wall; it is in fact art – just that that particular artist probably wished to express just how artistic the entirety of every thing is. So yeah, a good and brave and brazen move on their part, really, and all that they were really doing is giving themselves a brand new platform so as to get to work on the stuff which they really wish to express with people. It may well simply be an artist here who has grown tired with the whole marketplace, when it comes to art sales and what not. Disillusion for the artist, as well as a mass of audience members throughout the world, can equally happen. In my opinion, anyhow.