A toppled car in the asphalt/ a dragon’s best / (most threatening) breath. Here sits… A deathly demise –
“Behind childlike eyes.” Shut/tight and about to borrow their very best bReAth!! This threat (AND) all (of it) because of Mommy Dearest’s GREATEST REGRET: to upset herself with this (never-ending) sense of endless DrEaD…and she fed him, bathed him, tucked the pair of them into bUcKleD seatbelts.. again

A failure to click and their breathes WILL… meet… … with a most unnatural d-e-a-t-h!

One body of bones brutally piled unfathomably atop of the other..
Some mother’s do ‘av ‘em, though —- these unfortunate moments near a roadside corner, about to be turned into a dust and memories forgotten monument. All in its own — PRONE, prone, PrOnE to a bruised-and-battered memory made of flowers-and-stone

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