It is hard to know what is happening inside closed doors
Sure don’t I know
Most of you know it
In fact
You might not notice at first
That keeping it quiet took some tact
Your mind having a bitch & a moan
All of its own
While friends & family party hard at the weekend
You struggle on
Go it alone
A crux like no other
On your prescription you must depend
Where I am at right now
I have my mother to thank
My father, my brother
My sister
Over in Australia now
Living life
How we miss her
People close that door
Try their best
Even if they end up in tears
A ball on the floor
You need to keep on keeping on
Remain focused
Stay strong
Listen to the aforementioned
& you will get better before too long
Don’t get me wrong
It will never be easy
Battling a mental illness was never a simple thing
Get yourself better
& from rooftops you shall sing