All of the kids LOVE it, each and EVERY last one of them
How could they not!?
You come home from school and fall in the door
Mommy will make some dinner while you and your friends watch your favourite wrestlers on the telly
Who’s YOUR favourite though, who will it be?
Brock Lesnar,John CENA, or maybe AJ Lee
Hard to really know, but you all start laughing soon as grissled ol’ Goldust HITS the floor!!
You have your figurines, the ones you hold OH SO dearly in your hands
See Jake over there, that little man, he cares MORE than most
So lift those hands RIGHT UP in the air, go on, DO IT… show me that YOU too care
Some girls love it too, reminds them who the real boys are, the ones who look after their woman!
Maybe a punch here and there but all in all, the best thing to do as soon as they get home too is pull out a chair for their lady-in-waiting
Say it with me… Wrestlemania is fun and emtertaining but NOT real life
Just LOOOADSA fun and frollicks, all a little pretend perhaps but it STILL SENDS US WILD!!!