Sublime God damn lyrics
How did he do it
Took it all in his stride
Humble as hell when it came to his pride
Manage to write like that
I’ll be sitting opposite a record producer
Stashed with cash
So Johnny
You gonna let me in on your secret
Show me the wonders of your way
Make me tap my feet to the almighty beat
My head sway
Lyrics so ridiculously righteous
Or am I going to have to
Keep on learning as I go along
Attempting in vain to come out with that
Perfect song
I’ll do it anyway
‘Cos it flows through my veins
No siree Bob… ahem, Johnny
My love of writing is never gonna wane
Maybe I’m insane
Am I flogging a dead horse
Will I end up eighty/lonely
With mounds of remorse
No way of knowing ’til it happens
May as well keep on
‘Til I do find the right song
Whichever really
One thing I’m learning
That I need to be God damn steely
Take the good with the bad
Happy with the sad
One on top of the other