His particularly concentrated mind took whole and hearted reason aside blasphemous rhyme: To break to create to sedate a most unforgettably telling difference

This shall get to be his final standing ovation swan-song, wherein all of the battled hardship hopefully starts to meander away to say nothing at all whatsoever, to die


Pummel the floor – envelope yourself, please… And strip this pleading supposed genius of it’s barbarically borrowed interruption
For he has been painstakingly attempting in outlandishly haywire vain to interrupt you right back upon your bothersome self

Enough now, why can we not just beautifully begin to get along… just this fucking once!?

This cursed cigarette, soggily settled amidst the rain in my brain, amidst my un-breathably agonised day, will forever remain your wrong-doing too… So you do pardon yourself for an abrupt second to realise it

A gut-wrecking, -wrenching discourse in derogatory disguise

You somehow managed to make what’s easy unbelievably surreal by all of my knowing accords – I am silence personified now so that these ‘demons’ may hand me a favour and flee to release

He simply cannot be forever trying like this… Far too many good pieces of him to feel their very own way forth

Still tremendous just imbedded in disease and dilapidation by fuckwit you

I give up upon the unexplainably drained existence, yet where ever is my very own personalised mind gone to… It only ever wanted to grow