Everything is in fact art- by decoration and definition it is art. How can it not be? Just as simple and as complex as that. Every error, every commonplace complaint.. every thing that happens in everyone’s life, in everyone’s mind. And no, it’s not always gonna be alright. But why do the bad experiences even need to be seen to be interpreted as bad in the first place regarding your mental attitude and reaction to it?! The quotes in history are utterly jaded now. So why not actually take them on board then and move on! It’s not that there is nothing to be worried about, it’s to stop convincing yourself that seen to be ‘sadness’ needs to be analysed to the point where the minds is obviously gonna be beset by that thought and multiplied. Why not analyse the goddamn good stuff. Why do we think that we aren’t supposed to be ‘happy’ all the bloody time?! Seriously.. what the… 🤷‍♂️ this is all odd fished and aimed back at me anyhow so 😀 😉

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