By your heart of hearts because we have to start some place special and I’d far rather be with you than any other thing out there

You were simply born this beautiful way, to be my momentary everything

Yet everyone is an absolute blessing – albeit many of them in saddened disguise, none too wise to our wickedly sensational aside creatively driven ways – and they all bleed equally by said heart

However, it shall be your thumping pendulum which I treasure to the core of my wonderfully upright stood dutiful existence – can we dance all of the way through it, please

Every precious next magnificently unquestionable bit

There is nothing I need except the function to breathe, and I’m not really fussed once you take my hand and trust in me

Or is it really that you’re joking with me.. And you don’t really see

Because I’ll take it all – like I say, every next crucially unforgettable bit and breathe either way gloriously forth

For I am the boy with a sensationally insinuated sunny disposition and my never-ending gun – heavily dependent upon – will never need a reload button

I shoot it at the egotist losers – abuse the shit from their ineptly strange and disastrously misshapen nature, whilst slipping it secretly inside of my hidden coat pocket

I am as remote to them as they are to me

And we begin to cherish our forbidden verse and converse til thirsty for more of the same

I told you I was different from the rest didn’t I just