We’ve enabled our minds to search-and-find the time to fund it all BACK TO basics, “people!!”

She’s a period-piece of childlike momentum and her mind does indeed thump… to the beat, beat, BEAT.. “of an ostracised masterpiece.”

Been born AS FAR BACK AS 1917 (again) and still Making it seeming (inter-)generationally significant TO THESE MODERN-“YAY!!!” people. We saw one SUBJECT BEFORE US ALL and did

______ the other entirely dIfferenT thing, “we even altered our scope-of-VisIon to lucratively cope with our OCD bewilder.” But (what we didn’t do is) we didn’t even breathe when silently sitting
Behind large and golden-faced bails of Irish hay, As Adolescently Excited As The Summer Sun’s Evening Delay. She’s

Contracted to have been coefficient and contactually obliged AS WELL… “by their
Aforesaid ostracised minds.”

We cannot let them mind — the state of descending DOOM that sends them utterly insane By-A-Half-Shell(, actually): “nutters -WELL AND UTTER(ly)- who never really made thirty-years-of-lopsided-SeNsE to anyone else (anyway).”