A cake to set an entire fishing village’s senses going again…

Because, Yes… they’ve been enthusiastically, altogether meaningfully listening – to the rapturous round-of-applause

Pause for flavour-filled thought and EAT til your rumbling bellies meet your wanderlust eyes right by the prioritised middle

Simply, terrifically… downright deliciously pleasing
The Travara Lodge,
a home away from, prone to humorously barbaric behaviour, aided right by outlandish attention to intricate culinary detail

This front-of-house theatricality spectacularity – namely Richard in ridiculously comedic waiting – cannot but divulge your better senses, soon as an unmatched, hatched-a-plan second-to-none tag-team’s professional endeavour catches oceanic flame

Right by your unwaveringly supportive customary everything

And a staunchly stood chef carries a variance in utterly perfected procedure – mix and match, multitude award-winning interjection and here we have Trip Advisor’s finest Ode

To them

And we will, rest assured impressed, go forever

again … … …
Hidden gem investment, wherein a traffic-‘jam’ stroll a little further over a yonder envelopes you whole

Within a ‘secret garden’ which tracks your weekend’s resolution to resolve all burgeoning issues

Find the time, laugh and unwind, comfortably dine with us and invitingly realise..
That Courtmac packs a West Cork punch/lunch like no other

Bespoke to the fruitfully truthful core,
No flies on them

Well… … …