Definitely those legs that did it in the first place, stole the whole damn show
Soothing your ego one hidden calamity at a time
Always hellbent on that certain sidebar of seismic repent
Course you know when you’ve been had, you need too
None the less, absolutely nothing can ever seem to stop you
Not by a longshot!!
Cul de Sac
Put your tantalising hands together – a mesmerising body, a face to fall apart all over
And it will turn out fierce difficult not to come back for more
Insatiable, even so soon as you feel you may just have had your complete and utter fill
Seemingly, at least
Gorge upon that ultimate feast all over again, or so it does seem
It will seem, seem, seem ’til leaving you utterly red in the face, typically disgraced like the larger part of this human race – caught unawares
So, please, bear with me