I don’t get to know you, need you, see you anymore
Saw you come, I saw you fall
For all of the world to see
Just you and me for a time, setting fire, terrifically dire conversation
Justifiable elation, ignorant strangers
No shrinking violet, my mid-morning sensation
Drinks to beat the band
Digging your feet in the sand, you held onto my weary, weather-beaten hands
I your reprieve, you the perfect thief who caused me to breath all over again
No religious freak, but you did manage to guide this lonely soul toward the entirety of his zen
Then you disappeared, fear took over, peering distantly over a shoulder, awkwardly cold
Unfounded, ridiculously petrifying boulders created
But I will always get to remember the absolute right kind of sedation you were able to prescribe
Awakening me, prising oh so carefully open these airtight eyes
Now I lean right here, on the brink of my final demise
Guess what, my smile needs to be prised
If you were ever to ask for a wish-list, this would be the next thing in line
Goddamnit, if only we could press rewind