That’s exactly what he did, always and forever lining ’em up
Didn’t care who was there to see, a celebrity or your ordinary joe, just how much his voice came back at them in a slur
Would never make a massive mistake like Galliano
Just sit back, take a hit and go with that all too joyful flow down to his latest in a long line of trips
For him it worked a treat, and whenever he lost his feet as soon as he made it on stage, then he placed his hands in the sky, this was him, that was just it
People farther back thought him to be the absolute pits, but the real fans, those smack bang in the middle of the ‘pit’ appreciated the untimely furor, his quick wit
A mesmerising ability to balance it all, above all else one thing was certain, it made his music, those lyrics extra pure
A fine line for sure between sanity, insanity, and this fellow just ran with it, adding a touch of profanity that had everyone gone wild
Even his own father was proud of this his youngest and somewhat carefree child
Made for the big-time but if he didn’t watch out, and not everybody knew this, the men in white suits would be coming for him owing to a lifelong fan feeling the necessity to give them a shout
Save him