A failure to feel anything else worth its wait
In anticipatory and gold-dust overindulgence/creation – as a constant and contrary source of voracious productivity takes sacrosanct and simultaneous both solicitous pride of place !
It does indeed lie desirably with-in the artist’s implemented eye for an avalanche, an advantageous flooding of rushing knowledge indeed – poised and preciously left to feel free of all intermittent E-v-i-l, so it seems, and about to give jaded both goaded birth — to something outright immeasurable and precariously demented(this time)

Goddammit ! Mercilessly impenetrable angular angst – As a rag-tag-and-tattered paintbrush solely both soulfully attempts for some kind$ of creative and over-enthusiastic, kindly, comeuppance this time

A penny for its every experiential train-of-thought and it really ought to have been steeped in dollar-signed history
By Now . Why not Open w-i-d-e shut—and reach for a serene and effervescent sense of vivacious intelligence – Oh, why the hell have they not taken and broken his (unashamed) brain into a million tiny little meticulous pieces for it to make some source of both hallucinatory and universal sense ?

To somebody, only ANYBODY else – perhaps, pl-EASE ! Reap sheepishly from inner beneath this body of mildly lies and gather to g-r-a-s-p at the living, seething, barely breathing entrails …. …… of its slumbering sanctum of verbose verbatim placed tantalized alongside … …

this highly hyperactive exorcism of explosive over-emotion until … all artificially illuminated and carbon-copied century-old versions of itself can start to physically f-e-e-l

Strangely, both devotedly, as good as anything else, really . To place the ‘genie back in the bottle’ will take something outright unobtrusive albeit, ultimately, archetypal and graciously taken away, gathered and GRASPED


…this gentle and ambient perusal of person . of over-exposed albeit equally encrypted bewilder .
Have to ask, but what particular expediency of pill might t(he)y have been taking ?!

To fill this sea, which reaches, for the waves of itself

To be held /