Starts off fine
Welcome back, Brian
Me & my lawnmower
Good to go
Take it easy now
Head up
Plug it in
Let everything flow
I cut away without a bother
‘Til the three kids are unleashed
By their thankful mother
Keep your feet from the blade
Or you’ll end up having to eat your Easter eggs with a spade
The smallest one smiles
My God
This job is going to take a while
Get to the hill
Where the grass is fierce
Take a break for a smoke
So that Benny & I can share a joke
He asks
If he helps can I pay him some money
Even though I find this funny
I’ve nothing to offer
Rebe stands well away from the blade
Ironically enough
With a big yellow spade
Tells me to stop smoking
That I’m the one who will end up choking
She watches me finish the job
Walks with me inside
Pours me some tea
Offers up a plate of lentil
Before returning to her slide outside
Where she carries on mental
A pleasure to do this job
Without ever looking for a bob
Happy to help
Look at it this way
I didn’t cut my feet off
Or make the kids yelp
Next time I go about cutting the lawn
I’ll lose the cigarettes
They’ve a tendency to make me yawn
Me & my lawnmower
Doing our thing
When I come again I’ll throw on The Chapters CD
The one that manages to make us all sing