We walk
We run
We talk
We do indeed skip
And we sure as hell hop
On into a brand new life
Whatever the blasted weather
Doesn’t seem to matter the ferocious shades put oh so lambastedly in place by those less adept
Nasty no-gooders, inept and misdirected soldiers with all too visible glass shoulders
We somehow manage to harvest the storm
Warm our cockles like the winners that we are
Stars of our very own accord, our very own universe
Curse all of those begrudgers, a rather remarkable smudge
All brings a smidgen of true direction
A thirst like no other, smother the whole damn thing ’til embers are quenched
Drenched and completely saturated
Our enemies forlorn, left utterly sedated
Sing when we’re goddamn winning
String the best sentences together as soon as we start to fall oh so far
Bring back brand new honeycomb echelons
Up there on a resounding par with mere mortals and far, far more
Undoubtedly such a sun-soaked existence in store for us