To consider themselves ultimately misguided might be a favourable way to proceed- carries with it undeniable eyes instilled with stifled kinds of kindness

People who decipher themselves silently between being incredible over-thinkers and miscreants of adventurous misdemeanour, indeed

Whenever all avenues have been narrowed and captured by Life

Lit upon a fire the size of these blitzed skies which soar abruptly overhead and nightly never-ending
Nervously penetrating their each of every seemingly inferior vision, of undecided and disgustingly antagonised uncertainty

Yet, there appears to be the equal certainty of a way back in.. only their misunderstood scope and collapsed understanding stands decidedly dilapidated for now…

Mouths wired shut, minds frightfully intensified.
Yet, for all intense purposes, eyes STILL reaching for climbing skies

Haphazard characters, who cared far too much and far too singularly since the sinning beginning- whenever miraculous memories attempt to make secondary sense of themselves