Burnt out and acrimonious they got fed up at waiting so they sedated themselves to the point of

Eyes wide productivity. It’s emblematic for them to try and represent the other person’s PUREST THOUGHTS who didn’t even want to be represented via the presence of the present tense.

They are walking A~round these ELECTRIFYING places and FIST-fighting with

Anybody else who’ll ATTEMPT To utter NONSTOP words at their fedUP faces. It’s TOTALLY okay and damn RaNdOm aNd DANDY NOW how untimely it’s been

… and it’s certainly worth their weight in patience set-in-REASSURING-stone – even if they WERE- “earthbound individuals with their PROBED-TO-ACT-PROPER minds ~~~ ~ >>

Searching for quantifiable answers to the questions no one ELSE asked “Us to (even BEGin to) ULTIMATELY understand.” The face-value of a naked masterpiece