They’ve been seemingly seen-to-be perceiving the exact same SANE-faced thing as US again: have EVEN listened LISTLESSLY YET a-GAIN(!) To the soothed souls $ound of s-I-l-e-n-c-e it abounds —

At a R-A-D-I-A-N-T pace of a precisely immeasurable amount of thoughts per hourly overindulgence; Even when, AND IF… to say it so (VERY) exceedingly clearly the vision HAD-TO-HAVE-been undeniABLY effed-UP this particular time and to an

Outrageous A-N-D UpRoAriOuS(!!) extent of gentleMANLY intelligence, actuALLy- these are N-O-T entirely the GeNtLeSt of SoRrY-minded aforeMENTIONED souls that they were all proPOSING to supPOSE AT ALL, actually

But rAtHeR these: flirting, fLiTtInG, illy-perceived pEoPle of preDIAGNOSED emotions ——

They RoAr – remotely – with-IN the deepest-of-depths of the Dostoyevskian spraying of a water-well ocean. As it seems to seek its own sEnSe again…

Of hahahahaha-hilarity and ALL OF THIS: in the hidden face of explosively iMpLoSiVe AdVerSity(!) Maybe, JUST MAYBE, there is a City of Insightful Angels in there… someWHERE(?!?)