He told me it was time to take a leap
Make a choice
Either the OCD remains with you
For all eternity
But you get that book deal
Your delicious book deal

Or no book deal
But the OCD goes away
Banishes itself
For all eternity
What the hell was I supposed to do
I asked
Wouldn’t tell
He the devil
It’s one without the other
So I took some time to think this atrocious offer over
Which did I want more
The book deal
Or miraculous mental health
Something I hadn’t had in a long time
It was down to me
Twenty years of hell
And it could all end
Right now
Or acres of applause
With pain running the core
Head in my hands
Told him my answer
Made my choice
Before long I was able to bask in mental rejoice
Even if nobody will ever get to read my voice