Can’t be the hardest thing in the world, I mean I get to do what I came here to do in the first place, impress you with my written word
People may, may not come, either way I’ll stand there in front of each and every chair, reading the poems I think might work best
Engage 2013, no point in getting anxious now, all about reading a couple of the poems that I wrote while hurting, a few more about creating a distance from that pain, reading aloud, nothing but a voice that shows how far I have come from complete and utter despair
Take it easy and let my reading do the talking, see that this pursuit was, will never prove too easy
That’s the thing, I can’t be afraid to sing it from the rooftops
I won’t be prepared to stop ’til you all feel the need to buy my book, ’til I get to show it to my own grandchildren, now that is what I would call swell
Maybe a few of you who do come will yell a little louder, tell me that this isn’t your thing, and that’s fine, at least it will mean that you have been listening
I did read once before, only to show myself an early door owing to the fact I forgot my reading glasses, caused me a whole load of hassle
Do I learn it off or appear a little soft, a little less dedicated in reading it from a sheet, that way I get to breathe, repeat any such mistake
Hopefully you will accept that as a rather fantastic mistake, not think it too late
I’m only starting out after all, need to learn my trait, see what works for me, what might not feel so great
So be there on the 28th and I’ll try and make it a most memorable date