Seems to be, seems to me, this was never, ever of a live-long day supposed to be in any way easy
To have and to ferociously, fair painstakingly hold it all together right at the manic seams – this lavishly set tapestry is something which we have come to adore, to wish for that prioritised, god damn perfectly begotten existence we do dream of
We just cannot tend to getting our pretty little heads right round it, a sizeable undertaking indeed, to breathe upright and astoundingly proper, to venture like no-one has ever done before
Fail to judgementally abhor and, rest with me, you will take it to another quick-fire level
This has been your particularly peculiar existence and it shall remain that exact way unless of course you fall back upon, reminisce ’til bleeding outright by the overindulgent ear
Fear not, for I am standing immediately here with you, to scenically rise akin to our ever proverbial phoenix from every single flame on out there – these ashes were simply born to be the track to your upheaval supreme
Prepare yourself just so ’til we get to subtly strangle one another by the manicured hand and distantly prance through these pedestrianised days disguised by downright improper, silly little mechanised within aforementioned fears
Your tears are God’s meticulous way of saying that something damaging will need to happen so as to remember the better times when placing all of this in complete and justifiable comparison
Narrow the route, take a serious load off, why won’t you just, and seek the beautiful truth with me
For I’ve been waiting in these mesmerising wings to sing your song just so
I think I know more than anyone else in this whole wide world of ours, it to make mammoth sense again, and trust me, I’ve been forever bleeding at these juxtaposed seams myself
What I’ve been through makes your life appear like a fairytale princess’s dream, yet, baby, I stand here keener then ever