Nicely played, peg-leg
You did your bit, kept your floundering wits intact
Most probably jacked up on enough pills to send any other man insane
Eyes all of the way down around your missing legs whenever so much as summoned to court
Blame the paraplegic… How. Dare. You!?
I drew my gun but I never, ever knew that she was there
Beautiful Reeva, you have left me forever and a day to say my prayers
All over again
So they sent him down… for 5-years
Actually that’s a little incorrect in its totality…
Probably no less than ten months inside… then those aforementioned five under house arrest
Safe to say that many a person will be less than impressed
Reeva’s tearful mother, father, equipped half-heartedly
With one such picture of their beloved blonde pressed oh so tightly against two thumping chests