He laughed like there were no known tomorrow
Setting the song in place – face to smiling face
To taste it all right before these seriously gladragged eyes
They’ve tagged themselves outright stand – apart
To have and to hold, to entice the life immediately on through it all
These precious days have been waiting a seemingly so lifetime at least – the sudden lifeline of courageous sorts and he fought like peculiar crazy for aforementioned taste to replace terrific upheaval on his lovelorn part
And his other better half preps to her golden knees – touches her beat – again chest, the breath may be fleeting, yet her feelings oh so very real
Proposes to suppose the most perfect life on out there about to take to glorious flame, to tame rapturous demons swarmed within
They die right where they lie
Magnificently snared and all of this in the mind’s kind, kind insightful eye
Needless to say,
he imagined it Just This Way