This family has a reason for things

They get it all full well and dress according to which… one of them carries an ego though?

Have to ask you just that

Seismic people indeed

With flowers in their hair all the more power to them

Wait – – –

Why has the mother done this?

Why has she cracked a bottle of Brut and pleaded with her dearest to soak on up

To seek a real woman – his sexist truth

This daughter to one side learns all along

Forever and a crazy day eating red strawberries with clotted cream deliciously atop

Cop on you lot

The son, an only one and he’s a handsome teen barely eighteen and these candles have blown his whole world dry

Welcome dear boy-child to the nine-to-five

Dice with death dive on in extra spectacular on weekends

Fed done and dusted the lonely one, the paraplegic one who takes her stress out on everybody else

Settle your posterior upon me, please, whilst I analyse your legs

What she could’ve perhaps should’ve had
Far less