He just knew it, blew it right open
No moping about on his part this time, sat aside a most beautiful German girl with open-toe sandals
Could he really handle this?
A way with words on both their parts
From a mere distance what others might indeed call fine, fine art
Had to start somewhere, picking at the corners of his wicker chair, a little bit about himself
She smiling, a flick of her strawberry-red hair
Extraordinary, certainly different
Everything worth mentioning, hellbent on entertainment
Perhaps a case of what’s heaven-sent, they lent him this opportunity all over again
Her hungover, he only relatively sober – passing ships in the night
Unwind, remind himself of a guarantee for promiscuity, the finest kind possible
A lady with heady tales of a past life well-lived
Thieving her away for a while
Sure there would be others, but he needed to smother it all right now
Sow that seed, ’til those memories couldn’t but breath
Helping themselves