Definitely a nice treat to get to meet them, Mary and Ide, women who have a fair idea when it comes to what constitutes good poetry
Sure didn’t it flow on out of them back in the day
What can I to say other than these women may be the kind of people who end up showing this particular poet the way
It sure would be nice for us to meet over a coffee one day, perhaps a cigarette on my part, although that said I already did it, split my time between a coffee and trying to gather my rhyme
Time had well and truly passed, I’d even been as far as college and back, and there I was sat, watching the latter of the two share lunch with her friend, a girl with what I now know to be an insatiable appetite, a God-given ability to meet each and every new trend even though she is blind, now that is what I most certainly call my kind of person
Not afraid to say what she might ‘see’, be it all about her day or how her friends are getting on
A stronger than strong individual, and I do wonder why it is people think that something must be wrong, all because she cannot see what they see
Maybe, in fact most probably, her other senses are all the better equipped for it, pitted with her wit, the need to go on
Thinking about it some more, when I wrote my poem about her in the first place I was one of the aforementioned, all too wrong when it came to my presumption that she was locked away
How could she be, with that broader than broad smile in place, one that has already taken her for miles, she is able to face any kind of monstrosity
I have a feeling that the only way she thinks when it comes to her mind is this, “what will be will be”
Anyway, My old-school teachers, wonderful women and not at all what you would assume them to be, preachers
But people who care, it simply amazed me to see that one of them was able to recall my older brother when he was just a nipper, so far back, sitting at the top of her class, to the left side in his wobbly primary school chair
These are the kinds of things that float my particular boat, the fact that people like this dote when it comes to past pupils, pupils trying to make a mark some years on, and for my brother I was proud that he had his high-flying graphic design job, not to mention a supreme talent when it came to his art, a longing to make it to the top
Ide said that we were a creative duo as soon as she saw our websites, and on reading her e-mail it was obvious to me she wasn’t talking for the sake of talking but rather appreciating how we each had taken to life, the direction we were walking in when it came to our dreams, an all too keen observer
I’m keen to impress these women because even if they don’t know it they did oh so much for me, embedded in me the necessity to make a difference, to grab my chance with all my might and take it to the top
Know what, as soon as I have a little more money I will buy that slightly funny looking lamp from Mary