San Francisco knew no bounds soon as they offered their nearest and dearest up to a most unforgiving God – these tip-toed, rip-worn people with heavily encrusted pain painted destructively upon

Where have all of the governmental ‘heroes’ gone? For these typically seen to be homeless people were left to their own mentally ruinous devices

By the lacklustre demise of a Reagan empire of fukwit spite – he fights others amidst his very own, and we shall witness them all take shoddy line by the tramp-stamped hill of decrepit deceit

These sugar-coated, gloss-sparkled advertisements
Sidestep the real visual meaning, so you do know

No such gravy train on out of here, hell upon earth NO!!

They cannot go anywhere but down around tourists meandering feet, where frozen eyes steep themselves in outright abusive disgust, unlearned distrust

“He held a crappy, boxed-out behemoth radio over his crumpled cold shoulder, whilst the demonic DJ played on re-rewind on up inside”

These once oh so beautifully enhanced minds have been misfiring misaligned and we cannot but do our failed interest best to drop a pretty penny … when we push ourselves to stare, attempt to truly care

See – they don’t and we absolutely do… … …

Have our Golden Gate ticket on out of there