She stands there every other day, cigarette in hand
Unsightly fingers manicured – pure adultery
Inviting on in every single as well as Godforsaken married man
Seems she always had a plan
To ‘make love’ to a host of sad and desperate lonelies
If only you lot knew better
They – the enticing prey
She – the red setter
With only their nine-to-five money to ever get to flaunt, a wanton demise
Disguise your faces but I already know who you are
I call this the haunted castle, owned by one such woman so far from majestic it truly is sick
I take the money – hard-earned/about to be utterly spurned – and run on into my own far more creative world
I’m not to blame; you see, I simply tamed in the very first instance by an unforgiving mother
Hubbard, my ass
Soon as I save enough bills I get to flip the harrowing lid and transform this fiction all of my own accord into a brand new life, faraway home
Moan all you like
For I have already placed the down payment upon my bike