To approach this poem as though his last breath
Very last indeed
Seems to just simply, fair rightly know
Exactly wherein his accustomatory skills may grow
Akin to something quite sensational, perhaps – tending to quench this rather remote thirst-ridden lust of ours
Warmed to seriously swarm within
The outrageous underbelly quite reliant upon, which twitches like wordsmith crazy
Waste not, font a lot…
Root us to the irretrievable spot, in a most sincere aside subtly suggestive way
Lean this particular pen of yours in against a caressed somebody’s everything
Say it dependently when ever needs be
And press to sin – one drenched in folklore stressed ink syllable per wanderlust time
Be intricately kind
Pay it forward – wine and lavishly dine inside of our warlord minds
Yes, you’re writing for everyone right now